A Message to the People of Norway

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“Children of Adam are akin to members of a body; if a member suffers, thus suffers the entire body,” a Persian poet (Sa’di) expressed it best, centuries ago. 

We Iranians and Iranian-Americans are deeply saddened by the savage action of a deranged individual (Anders Behring Breivik) who, on a rampage of rage, took the life of members of our human family in Norway.

We offer our condolences and share in the grief of the families who lost their dear ones in this dastardly senseless act of violence. May this tragedy honor the memory of those innocent lost lives by strengthening the resolve of all of us to do all we can to prevent such bloodletting in the future.

The world is indeed a global village and we are its villagers. It is our sacred duty to live by the standards of civility, under the shelter of responsible liberty, with abiding respect for the sanctity of life.
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2011-07-29 03:59:27
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It is a crime to remain silent in the face of evil, it is said. Thus, I am speaking up and urging other good men and women to raise their resonant voices while they can before they are brutally silenced by the ever-creeping Islamofascism.

-- Amil Imani

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