Head shotSounds absurd? Why? All kinds of well-meaning and not so well meaning people who are alarmed with Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc have been proclaiming that their fight is with Islam and not with Muslims. Who knows what motivates these people and how their system of logic runs. Geert Wilder says that his battle is with Islam and he does not hate the Muslims. No one, please, should take my criticism of Muslims as hating them. I certainly am critical of their belief and feel that Muslims must wake up to the destructive nature of their creed. The Muslims not only need to leave or reform Islam, they owe to themselves and the rest of humanity to actively work at putting an end to one of humanity's most harmful dogma.{C}{C}

To my thinking, Islam is the problem because there are Muslims who take its holy book, the Quran, as gospel and carry out its divisive and deadly provisions. Without Muslims, Muhammad’s Quran would be just another historic relic sitting on library shelves, next to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, gathering dust and criminals of the world have to find other instruction manuals to guide their activities.

What good is it to burn the Quran or desecrate it? The fire from burning the Quran only energizes the already zany fanatical believers of Allah to further engage in their world-dismembering acts.

People who keep proclaiming that they have nothing against Islam, but their battle is with Muslim terrorists are an enigma. Perhaps these people are the politically correct; the delusional who rearrange reality to their fancy; or the naïve who are incapable of dealing with facts. These people are either incapable or do not want to see that it is the Muslims, the active jihadists as well as their masses of supporters who are and remain culprits committing much of what is repugnant and harmful to civilized humanity.

If the fight is with Islam and not with Muslims, then in the interest of fairness we must apply the same standards to other criminalities.

We should condemn arson, but not arsonists: Rape, not rapists: Theft, not thieves: Murder, not murderers, and all other forms of crimes, but not the people who commit them.

2Terrorism has no external reality, without terrorists. For as long as there are people who cling no matter how loosely or tightly to Islam, humanity, including Muslims, stands to suffer the consequences. Yet, sadly, many Muslims refuse to recognize the fact that it is their sickly belief system that is at the core of leading them astray and inflicting great harm to all.

It is foolish to wage battle against beliefs that promote mayhem and murder while giving a free pass to those who adhere to those beliefs and whether or not carry out their dogma.



“When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Quran 8.12

I fully realize that not every Muslim is a card-carrying hell-bent jihadist. Yet, by being a Muslim, the individual, willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, empowers the zealot jihadist Muslims who live and die to further the cause of Islam.

In what way does your average peaceful Muslim support the work of the not too insignificant cadre of Islamist terrorists, you may ask? In multiple ways. For one, by paying his religiously required tax known as Khums (one-fifth of his income) to the imams and mullahs. What do the Islamic clerics do with the funds? They make a very good living by not breaking a sweat while day and night preaching hatred of non-Muslims, and training wave after wave of impressionable young as soldiers of Allah.

These clerical parasites are equal opportunity haters and promoters of violence. They do not limit their campaign only against all non-Muslims. They even exhort their happy jihadists to wage war against each other whenever it suits them and they can get away with it.

Just look at what is happening these days in the lands of the religion of peace. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, and even the Islamic show cases such as Egypt and Turkey. Repression and slaughter are in full operation.

Syria’s in-power Alawites and their Shiite allies are engaged in shocking butchery of the Sunnis, even under the eyes of the impotent United Nations observers. In one recent brutal attack by the Alawites forces of President Bashar Assad, some 90 people, including many children were murdered.

I hardly need tally the criminality and horrors of these Muslim-inspired regimes. Peace, tolerance and respect for others are alien to the followers of Muhammad, no matter which sect they belong to and irrespective of where in the world they live. No sooner in power, in any place, they shamelessly and brutally begin their mayhem and murderous practices.


3This primitive chauvinistic creed is custom-made for the savage male where women are systematically abused in every imaginable way. Not only women are officially worth one-half of a man, they are to serve as a man’s property in the tragically ordained manner. Four women to a man in regular marriage and as many women as a man wishes in temporary marriages. Woe upon a woman who thinks of herself as an equal-rights human and violates these Islamic draconian laws. Honor killing awaits the fate of any woman who steps outsides Islam’s misogynistic boundaries.


Give the ringleaders of this creed of violence credit. They have perfected their skills at their trade of spreading Islam, the means of making their parasitic living.



These so-called clerics make “good” use of the funds they extract from their followers. For one, they buy the ever ready-for-purchase politicians to further their cause through legislations that would muzzle freedom of expression by any voice that dares to expose Islam for what it is.

For yet another, with their coffers flush with funds, the clerics enlist lawyers and launch lawsuits to destroy any person who speaks the truth about their barbaric beliefs and practices.

For another, they intimidate businesses that in any way fail to toe their line by boycotting their products and services. They force other businesses to withdraw their advertisements from any print or electronic medium that may report honestly about the horrors of their belief.

Tolerance is a great social virtue that becomes vice if extended to those who do not practice it and to criminals who take advantage of this noble human attribute. Muslims are the most oppressive and intolerant people of the world and they justify their intolerance on the teachings of their holy book, the Quran.

Persecution of religious minorities in Islamic states is legend. Yet, these very intolerant people come to the welcoming Western countries and demand one-sided tolerance from their hosts. Over time, these Muslims increase their demands to the point of aiming to subvert the civilized hosts and transform them to their failed savage system ruled by the Sharia Law.

Keep in mind that Islam operates by stealth when not yet quiet powerful, just the way Muhammad himself operated. Then, gradually builds its power to the point that the soft approach no longer is necessary to subdue others and impose its will.

The stealth soft strategy is presently playing out in the United States. Islam’s tentacles are expanding into the body of this free and welcoming nation. In 2000 there were 1209 mosques in the United States of America. By 2010, the number has almost doubled to 2010.

If nothing is done, before very long, we end up facing the Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc. operating with its full evil force.

Islam is a bad idea, and Muslims are guilty of living by it and promoting it. Some Muslims take up arms, following the examples of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in their aim to vanquish non-Muslims. Other Muslims empower the frontline jihadist by supplying them with material support and manpower. In the same manner that an army can't fight without the essential logistics supplied them by civilians, the soldiers of Allah will be incapable of waging their death and destruction campaign without the support of the generality of Muslims. It is long overdue that Muslims be held accountable for the so-called religious belief that controls their actions: actions aimed at destroying anything and anyone non-Muslim.

It is imperative that we see reality and deal with it. No euphemism, no sugarcoating, no politically correct posturing. It is time to abandon all pretenses and place the blame where it belongs. It is the Mayhem and Murder Islam, Inc. that is breeding terrorists. Without Islam, there would be no Islamic terrorists.


Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.


2012-05-31 15:20:48
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Dear Amil,

I wait with considerable interest. I like your stuff.


Very good article, Amil. I have been preaching this message for some time even though there are those who want to talk about the good Muslims. As long as there is Islam and as long as there is a Muslim who believes the Quran is allah's word commanding them to kill infidels, it will be a scourge and cancer to humanity. We in the US need to wake our Congressmen and Senators up to the fact that it should not have freedom of religion protection under the 1st Amendment. The Quran call for slaying pagans and fighting Christians and Jews, 99% of Americans, and we allow this horrific religion protection as a religion under the Constitution? As someone said earlier, any Muslim can be a ticking time bomb ready to act on those violent verses (like Ft Hood). He is not a Muslim if he does not believe the Quran is allah's word. The problem is Islam as you said. Islam is rooted in terrorism.
Insofar as there are cultural Muslims who follow personal worship practices, and secular Muslims who live in countries where there are disadvantages to renouncing the Muslim faith, it may be over reaching to proclaim all Muslims as carrying the typhoid of fundamentalist, triumphalist Islamic jihad.

It would be like saying that without Germans, Nazism and Mein Kampf would just be relics.

It is interesting that Mein Kampf remains a best seller in the Arab/Muslim world. The Baath Party as well as the more religious Muslim Brotherhood, considered Hitler to be on the right track in his antisemitism.

Like Nazi-ism, Fundamentalist Islam is a triumphalistic ideology wrapped in the veil of a religion. Like Nazi-ism, it believes in the use of the sword as an ideological imperitive in spreading its doctrine.

This is peculiar insofar as the Arabs are descendants of Abraham and are therefore semites NOT Aryans, who are descended of Japheth rather than Shem?

Nevertheless, Satan is a crafty community organizer, bringing together the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Huseini and Hitler against God's chosen people! Kind of reminds me of the Alinskyite of our time, who appeals to the Left, homosexuals and Sunni Muslims simultaneously against capitalism and liberty!
For me, the bottom line in this "religion" is mostly the vicious violent oppressive treatment of women. I cannot respect any woman who is willingly a member of this misogynist "cult". She doesn't have to be a "terrorist" to be disliked. If she is Muslim, then she condones, accepts and permits the brutal and de-humanizing treatment of not only her adult Muslim sisters, including herself, but of female muslim children, as well. Does she have no self-respect? I know there are people on this FB page who are not fond of feminists, but it will take a feminist movement to finally destroy this deplorable disease on humanity. Everyone, think of the little muslim girls first and what their future will be like, before you put Political-correctness first. And be supportive and in solidarity with feminists, here and abroad, for they are more likely to crack the foundations of Islam through peaceful means, and save all humanity from destruction. It is incredible, but true, that Muslim men are willing to blow themselves up, while killing innocent people, in order to get laid in heaven. Wouldn't it be easier to just unveil their women here on earth so they can find them sexy enough to f**k!
This INCREDIBLY MOVING, logically compelling, and brilliantly incisive article look into the hearts, minds, and belief system of Islam and Muslims - not only the article itself, but your to-the-point, clarifying, light-yeilding responses to the heart-felt readers who have rendered their own anecdotal & perceptive observations. I am in wonderment of not just the clarity of your thought, but your ability to word yourself so incredibly well ... you portray your MIND in these articles, not simply words. Through this tutelage, I (& so many others) are gaining a first-hand look into a world that (certainly to MY mind) would NEVER be POSSIBLE without you, Amil. Thank you SO MUCH for loving people, for abandoning a credo that would destroy them, and using your mind for such a high purpose. You're a truly righteous gentleman, Amil, & I hope your readership continues to grow, just as do the minds who read you!
No rest for the wicked, I thank God for all of the people that are scouring tirelessly for the evidence of what Islam truly is and what it has truly done and linking them to the fundamental tenets of Islam.

Reposted - thank you
Anyone who has doubts about Islam should google the following two names. Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami. To fully understand what Muslims are capable of one must know what they did to these 2 men who took a wrong turn into Ramallah. They were "slaughtered". Muslims do not kill infidels, they "slaughter" them as commanded by the Koran.These 2 men who had families waiting for them to arrive at home, were literally ripped apart by a Muslim mob who pulled out their organs and rubbed the blood all over their bodies. Muslims ritualize the slaughter of infidels. Every American soldier who fell into enemy hands was found on the side of some road days later having been tortured to death, beheaded and almost always having their genitals ripped off and shoved in their mouths. A far cry from water -boarding don't you think. Ask the Hindus in India about Tamerlane and what he did to them. A great Muslim conqueror, Tamerlane slaughtered every single person in every town he conquered. He took no prisoners. Mountains of human heads were left behind his conquering army. Women and children were kept as sex slaves but were slaughtered when the captors grew board with them. The Hindus wold kill their own women and children in the face of a conquering army to spare them the horror.I was left horrified and trembling after reading about what he did to the people of India. All Muslims are ticking time bombs. Some day that friendly Muslim down the street will pop up at a busy intersection during the morning commute with an AK47 shooting everyone in sight. Someday your local shopping mall will run red with the blood of infidels, all murdered by those lovely , moderate Muslims who meet at the local mosque for prayer every Friday afternoon, Today they pretend to be the model immigrant but tomorrow as their numbers increase,their mission will change and the real terror will begin. At the local Mosque they are told that every Muslim must spend time in hell after death but their is only one way to avoid this hell. They must die in Jihad against infidels. One cannot underestimate the barbarity of Muslims who, in the last 1400 years, have murdered 300 million innocent non-Muslims in Jihad. Obama is going to open the floodgates of Muslim immigration into this country. He must be stopped They are coming here for one reason; conquest.
Thanks, Amil. I think you know how I feel Islam should be properly renamed from the Religion of Peace to the Cult of Piece(s). The question is, my friend, since the current state of the U.S. is still "P.C.", how do we correct this lethal problem before it's too late? The "left" is so muddled in "P.C." and not willing to call Islam what it really is, OUR MORTAL ENEMY, because to them it's profiling and profiling, also to them, is racist. Most of our current citizens were not alive during WWII. We certainly did NOT hesitate to outlaw the NAZI party and unfortunately, but quite necessary, make Japanese citizens swear allegiance to the U.S., even put them in internment camps (this was wrong, but at the time our government had good reason because many were new arrivals and we were fighting for survival since we were attacked on our soil, Hawaiian Islands). We must declare Islam a MORTAL ENEMY to our western way of life. I just don't know about America waking up to REALITY until they attack us again. To Homeland Security, whom I know is now reading this, this is not any kind of threat of violence. I'm just exercising my 1st amendment right to free expression, so don't go getting your knickers in a wee bit of a wedgie. The free peoples must encourage our governments to acknowledge that ISLAM is out to destroy us, and quit worrying about offending them. Isolate and blockade their borders, and only if necessary, return them to times where the wheel in their countries will have to be reinvented, cause it's them or us. I pick us. You know if Iran gets the bomb that's what they intend to do, 1st to Israel, then come after us cause they know we're too "P.C." to ever use it again. I pray to GOD for guidance. Anyway, I'm, like I said, praying very hard for peace and for the people of Islam to be touched by the HOLY SPIRIT and their hearts softened before it's too late.
Yes, Mr Jack, I agree. I'm well acquainted with the harm that has been produced. The issue to me are the multiculturalists and apologists who give cover to it. These things are embeded in the the school room, the DoD, and the UN, as well as most liberal dogmas. Included in the fight must be all of it, not simply the obvious parts. It will get "gritty" and potentially ugly prior to being better.
Laura, Islam needs to be known for the evil, oppressive, genocidal dogma it is. Terror jihad is what they do when asserting to claim new ground from their victims. As for it being a religion, that rhetorical question doesn't matter when their agenda of one worldwide Sharia Islamic state is clearly their stated aim.