347041714_9e2d56cb8dIslam is a brutal, tribal warrior cult that glorifies jihad and martyrdom.  The Quran is replete with acts of murder, terrorism, and genocide.

Let us look at some explicit provisions of the Quran:

* Islam is misogynist.  Men are superior to women.  Women are to obey men and are to be beaten when they disobey or misbehave.
* Islam is racist.  The Quran stipulates that the Arabs are superior to all others, and it clearly condones slavery.  It explicitly stipulates discriminatory laws for slaves.
* Islam denounces other belief systems and marginally recognizes the validity of only two religions: Judaism and Christianity.
* Islam is violent.  It not only condones jihad; it recommends it and promises great reward for the jihadist.
* Islam is already splintered in a number of major sects and innumerable numbers of secondary sects that harbor huge disagreement with and animosity toward one another as well as toward all infidels.

-islam-27700967-189-267Nearly a billion and a half of the human species -- a species supposedly endowed with the greatest of intelligence -- swallows Islam whole and even dispenses it to others by any and all means possible.  It is one of those great mysteries of life that defies any and all logic.

Many animals come with already in-place programs that automatically run much of their lives.  Birds' migration, mating courtship, and thousands of other complex behaviors are instances of this type of specific programming.  A catchword for this type of behavior is "instinct."  As a general rule, the higher the organism, the less is its rigid pre-programs and the greater its latitude to exercise choices.

As humans, our two legs move us along, but it is our minds that tell us which path to take in life and what to do.  As the mind commands, so goes the person.  Yet for humans, the mind does not arrive in this world with a set program of instructions.  Contrary to many beliefs, we are born neither as demons nor as angels.  Within each one of us is the potential for a demon or an angel.  Many evolve into a mix of the two, a few fortunate mature into truly angelic people, and some become personifications of evil.  It is the mind's programming that plays the critical role in making us what we are.

Every one of us arrives in this world as a helpless infant at the mercy of others -- not only to be fed, cleaned and protected, but also to be informed about the bewildering life we face.  Others can teach the new arrivals only what they know and believe.  And much of what adults know and believe is a hodgepodge, handed down to them by the adults that raised them.
Islam, from its inception, discovered the crucial secret of getting to the young mind early by adhering to the dictum: instruction in early childhood is akin to carving in the rock.  In the same vein goes the Jesuit saying, "Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man," derived from the philosophy and theology of Saint Augustine.  The immense importance of getting early to the young mind is also emphasized by non-religious doctrines as diverse as the Freudian psychoanalytic theory and Watsonian Behaviorist psychology.

It is thus that millions of infants annually end up in the care of people who themselves are imbued with a pathological Islamist belief system rooted in the mores and practices of the primitives of the Arabian Peninsula from 1,300 years ago.
From very early on, the young child is indoctrinated in the belief that there is an omniscient, ever-vigilant Allah who observes everything a person does and even everything he contemplates.  Nothing whatsoever escapes this omnipresent, all-knowing being.

 Allah keeps tabs, and he bestows incredibly desirous rewards if one behaves as told, while dispensing unimaginably tortuous punishment if one strays.

The very young human faces, beginning with the minute he can make some sense of the world, a bewildering array of mysteries, challenges, and enticements.  There are questions at every step -- fears and hopes entangled with the need to survive and possibly thrive.

Who am I?  What is this world all about?  What's the purpose?  What am I supposed to do and how?  Where am I headed?  People die.  Where do they go?  And on and on and on. The information booths available to a man in the fairground of life provide him with answers that may help relieve his innate existentialistic anxiety.  And it is here that religion plays its critical role and holds great appeal.  Religion provides a surefire answer to those who are willing to take it on faith.

And Islam is a powerful magnet for the masses who are unable to deal with the uncertainties of life and death on their own.  It is from this population, many already thoroughly indoctrinated from birth that the majority of die-hard jihadists emerge.

It is the bargain the jihadist makes.  He surrenders totally to the religion of surrender in exchange for blanket security.  Islam gives him all the answers he really seeks for dealing with this world and promises him a most lush and eternal paradise of Allah once he leaves it.  And leaving this world in perfect submission as the foot soldier of the paradise's creator gives the faithful unimaginably glorious sensual eternal reward in his next life.  It's a bargain that some buy in whole, while some buy it in part, and some refuse and seek other means of dealing with their questions and the unrelenting existentialistic anxiety.

It is foolish to underestimate the dangers of Islamic mental manipulation.  All Muslims share an Islamic cognitive repertoire, with considerable variations.  As is the case with any population distribution, a great majority forms the middle while minorities populate the extremes.  Islamic apologists and many Muslims point to the middle as true Islam, thereby disassociating themselves from the two extremes and may even denounce them as not being Muslims.

At one extreme are the Nominal Muslims.  These Muslims adhere loosely to the Islamic precepts and practices, ordinarily pose little threat to non-Muslims, and may even reject some aspects of the religion.

At the other extreme are the die-hard fanatical jihadists, who present severe threats not only to non-Muslims, but also to the so-called Moderate Muslims as well as the Nominal Muslims.
To this extremist group, nothing is out of bounds in furthering the cause.  Dissimulation, deception, and all manner of violence are their Quran-sanctioned tools.  As part of their scheme, this malevolent group has adopted highly effective strategies for subjugating the West, its people, and its culture.  In keeping with their supremacist racist cult, their god, Allah, is proclaimed as the greatest god -- Allah-o-Akbar.  Yet, in English, one hears only the deceptive translation -- God is great, and not the actual Arabic:  Allah is the greatest.

History documents the pivotal role of small groups, even individuals, in precipitating monumentally important events.  It is the energized militant minority that often sparks movements and directs the course of human events.  And it is the minority of Muslims, militant and highly motivated soldiers of Allah, who are on the march to defeat the non-believing by any and all means and establish "Caliphatism," the Islamic Kingdom.


Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.


2012-06-18 01:23:22
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Last week I was at Ft. Hood, Texas. Ft. Hood was the scene of a VIOLENT TERRORIST ATTACK on our soldiers, another attack on our home territory. However, the officials at Ft. Hood don't call it a "terrorist" attack. I was told that Major Nidal Malik Hassan, a 20 year veteran of the US Army, will be tried for having committed an "ALLEDGED Workplace Violence Incident." In the mindset of the SENIOR LEADERSHIP of the US Army, Hassan was "misguided," and his mind was "troubled" by all the incidents of war he had heard from patients who suffered PTSD and other mental disorders brought on by their combat experiences. But wait...Hassan's Courts-Martial proceedings could not begin, as he had grown a beard in pre-trial confinement and no longer meets Uniform Appearance Standards, required of an OFFICER standing trial! While the Judge ordered Major Hassan to shave and appear in proper military uniform, Hassan has refused to comply, citing "religious grounds." So far, there's an impasse. IF the Military Judge allows Major Hassan to appear in Islamic Dress, with beard, the trial is OVER. ISLAM WINS, and that's what Hassan WANTS. After all, in the words of GENERAL GEORGE CASEY, former Army Chief of Staff and 0bama certified as politically reliable, "DIVERSITY TRUMPS SECURITY. We must have it! That's just plain NUTTS, but it is the Liberal Socialist mindset.
Anybody notice the similarity between Islam and Unions? Of the billion-and-a-half Muslims, how many would continue to 'believe' is the punishment for apostasy wasn't death? Union membership stay high if dues not taken from pay checks (we already know the answer to that!)?

Just saying..
Excellent description. I believe we need to take them on in all out war.
Rumor has it the Saudis are lowering oil prices to get their boy Bam Bam re-elected.
Drill, baby, drill: cut off petrodollars, and castrate the Mohammedans. Might avoid a war, for awhile, too.
And the obysmal won was raised as a mohammedan by his muslim step-father in a muslim country from infancy until he was about 10.
Muslims lie to infidels, it's part of their cult.
Muslims lie to each other via their doctrine of taqiyya and kittman.
A recent book, by that author Klein (I think) covered interviews with the obysmal won's "minister," good old goddam ameriKKKa Wright, who revealed that he was able to reconcile the obysmal won's "conversion" to Christianity with his muslim cult indoctrination.
That remark by Clapper, "muslim brotherhood is largely a secular organization" set a new record for stupidity in the 0bama administration. and that is no small achievement. There is a lot of competition in the stupidity category.
I think there are two primary reasons President GWBush described Islam as a "religion of peace."

1. The 9/11 attack had just occurred and he, legitimately, was concerned about how the American people might react/treat Muslims living in the US. The only other historical example was how the US treated Japanese Americans after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan.

2. The US was going to need Islamic nations (i.e., Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan) to assist of in defeating radical Islam, specifically al Queda. Describing Islam as a violent evil religious/governmental system would be to severely insult the very people/nations you need to help us in war. During WWII, the US went pretty easy on Soviet Communism and "papa" Joseph Stalin too. . .and for pretty much the same reason.

"Ya catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."
Read Revelation 12:9. "Satan has deceived the whole world." Yes, GWB was a maroon for labeling Islam as "The Religion of Peace." IT IS NOT! Islam is a Political System, masquerading as a religion. It represents CONFUSION AND HATRED beyond our scope of imagination! Our Western culture is now, so inundated with Liberal Socialism that unless we turn around and begin to PUBLICLY DECLARE WHO THE ENEMY IS (ISLAM), WE ARE DONE FOR! The enemy is not "terrorism" or "workplace violence" or "manmade disasters," It's ISALAM. ISLAM IS THE ENEMY of all human beings on the Planet! ISLAM is the ENEMY of OUR TIMES.
And we have supposedly smart people like GWB running around calling Islam the Religion of Peace and the security coordinator Clapper telling us the Muslim Brotherhood is not a religious group. Please God, help us as we seem to be too stupid to see the threat from Islam. And its all funded by the oil money, lots of it. Is there any doubt that some of their money goes into funding the rapid left which will not let us develop our energy resources?